The Flamingo – Window box


Splash some colour on your windowsills with this floral collection of dahlia, dianthus and calibrachoa.

  • 50cm high by 55cm wide – incl. plants and container
  • Suitable for balconies and window sills in sun or light-shade – low maintenance
  • Hanging frame included – perfect for window sills or balcony rails
  • The hanging frame is 53cm wide in total, with 36cm between the two hanging points.
  • Contains 5 plants: dahlia, dianthus x2, calibrachoa x2
Included with your plant kit
  • In bloom plants In bloom plants
  • Pot or window box Pot or window box
  • Compost & drainage Compost & drainage
  • Guide & instructions Guide & instructions

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Meet The Flamingo – Window box

  • Colours: Green, Pink
  • Light: Full sun
  • Hardiness: Tender
  • Expert level: Easy
  • Plant type: Mix of perennials and annuals
  • Season: Spring, Summer
  • Edible: No
  • Scented: No
  • Toxic to humans: None reported (humans); can be toxic to pets
  • Bee friendly: Yes
The Flamingo - Window box