Plants in a window box



Looking to add a burst of life to your outdoor space? Explore our range of window box plants. We’ve got you covered with our high-quality, easy-to-care for plants. All delivered straight to your door.  

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Window boxes look best when packed with a variety of colourful, textured plants that differ in height too. Here are some window box plants that will not only fill up space, but that will also look just as great as your potted outdoor plants: Ostrich Fern, Wallflower, Dianthus and Petunia 

All plants thrive in soil that is well drained. Whether you are using an outdoor pot or a window box, it is essential for them to have drainage holes to avoid the plants sitting in waterlogged soil. If your window box does not come with holes, you will need to make holes in the bottom before using it. All our window boxes come with pre-drilled holes. 

Just like pre-planted hanging baskets, how many plants you put in a window box depends on the size of your window box and how much your chosen plants will grow – it’s important to leave some room for growth. Aesthetically speaking, three-four plants usually do the trick for a small window box. However, it also comes down to your preference too. 

Small outdoor plants alongside some tall outdoor plants will create a great window box display. There are  many options available for both the Spring and Summer, here are some good all-rounders that will flower from Spring through Summer: Dianthus, trailing Geranium ,Fuschia, and Lobelia