Fertiliser & plant food

Help your plants flourish with our range of plant fertiliser and food. Whether you’re looking for all-purpose feed, organic fertiliser, or something more specific like Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron food, we’ve got a good range of high quality products which can be delivered straight to your door.

Miracle-Gro Organic Liquid Fertiliser is a high performance plant food that you can use on any plants. It provides vital nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, that plants need and this will mean they’ll be stronger and healthier. It should be used from early spring to late summer.

Of course you can! Houseplants need a bit of care and attention just like outdoor plants. Our Miracle-Gro Organic Pump & Feed Plant Food is an easy to use fertiliser which you pump directly onto the soil and water in. Really easy to use and really effective.

The Miracle-Gro 2 in 1 Nourish & Protect range is perfect for feeding your plants whilst simultaneously protecting them from pests and disease. The Miracle-Gro 2in1 Nourish & Protect Ready To Use Plant Food can be directly sprayed onto the leaves of roses, shrubs and other ornamental plants every 2 weeks from early spring to late summer to provide nutrition and protection from aphids, mealybugs, red spider mites, black spot, powdery mildew and rust. The Miracle-Gro 2in1 Nourish & Protect Flowers, Fruit & Veg Plant Food creates a physical barrier with natural lava rocks which prevents slugs and snails from eating the foliage and fruits and adds nutrition to the soil around the plant at the same time.