Outdoor foliage plants



Our range of foliage plants are great for filling garden beds, borders, and pots with luscious green leaves. You can buy foliage and leafy plants from us online and we’ll deliver it straight to your door. 

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Outdoor foliage plants are grown primarily for their decorative nature. You can buy colourful foliage plants like a Fatsia or the Hosta ‘Halcyon’. These plants can work as part of a collection of outdoor plants in a pot. Not only will they complement the flowers, but they are also great space fillers and their green leaves add wonderful texture. 

Yes, most are easy to take care of. A great example is the Japanese Forest Grass ‘Aurea’, which is happy in all conditions, making it an exceptionally lowmaintenance plant.  

Most outdoor plants like to be watered around once a week, this includes leafy and outdoor flowering plants. Although in the summer the amount increases – a good way to tell is by checking the soil to see if it is dry. 

Foliage plants are commonly used in shady locations, however there are several that thrive in the sun too. Here are some great examples: