Plants in a pot



Add high-quality potted plants to your outdoor space. We use peat-free compost to help you create a beautiful and sustainable garden. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your garden, balcony, or patio, explore our range of potted outdoor plants in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Outdoor plants in pots are a great way to fill the empty corners of your garden. Also, planting plants in outdoor pots is a great way to get creative with different plants. Select a mix of tall outdoor plants with a selection of smaller outdoor garden plants to fill around the base of the pot. Here are some potted plant kits to get you started: The Summer Breeze – Large The Parrot – Medium, The CandyFlossLarge. We also have plenty of single potted plants to choose from too. 

Outdoor plant pots come in a variety of materials and whether or not they can stay outside during the winter or not all depends on what they are made of. Plastic pots are winter-proof and for the most part are durableFiberstone is another highly resistant material, which is able to withstand most temperatures. Then there are terracotta pots which can be stored in most places, given that temperatures don’t fall below freezing. 

Looking for a quick, easy, and adaptable way to make your garden look beautiful? One way of doing this is by planting easy to grow plants in a variety of pots. Here are some easy to grow pot plants outdoors: Geranium ‘Max Frei, Periwinkle, Cosmos, Salvia, and Fuchsia. Here are some potted plant kits you can find on our website: The Summer Breeze – Large, The Peacock – Large. 

Tall plants in pots are more than just aesthetically pleasing extras in your outdoors space, they are also excellent for privacy and shade. Here are some beautiful tall outdoor plants that can serve all purposes: Bamboo and Foxglove ‘Plum Gold’