Pest control

Our range of pest control products will help keep your outdoor plants pest-free. Whether you’re looking for a spray, dissolvable concentrate or something to create a physical barrier to deter slugs and snails, we’ve got something for you. And it can be delivered to your front door in 3-5 working days.

There are different options for pest control depending on which pests you’re trying to stop. If you have issues with snails and slugs eating your plants’ foliage, Miracle-Gro 2in1 Nourish & Protect can create a physical barrier around them to deter pests, whilst also providing nutrition into the soil. If you have struggle with aphids, greenfly, blackfly, mealybugs, scale insects, black spot or powdery mildew, you can spray a pest control directly on the leaves: Bug Clear Ultra 2 and Rose Clear 3in1 are some of the most effective for flowering plants and shrubs.