Christmas trees

Light up your living room over the festive period with a potted Christmas tree. Once Christmas is over, the tree will flourish outdoors for the rest of the year, with very little maintenance required, and can be used again and again, year after year, bigger and bushier each time.

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You will have the option of picking a delivery week at checkout for your Christmas tree. During your chosen week, we will notify you of delivery one day before delivery is due to take place. If you want a different day, message us or put it in the order notes and we’ll try our best, but can’t guarantee delivery on a specific date.

If your delivery fails, we will contact you to rearrange delivery. After two failed deliveries we will cancel your order and refund your purchase, minus delivery cost.

Trees need to be outdoors for the majority of the year in order to be healthy. We suggest waiting until December to bring your tree indoors and to return it outdoors as soon as the festive period is over. While indoors, keep it away from radiators and ensure it is well watered.

If at any point in December your tree starts to look unhappy, try putting it outdoors for a few days to see if it improves.

It will grow at roughly 30cm per year, but this depends on the conditions – the sunnier the better. If you want a bigger tree, you will need to repot it roughly every 18 months, as being in a smaller pot can stop its growth.