Spring is nearly here. Fill your boots! Spring is nearly here. Fill your boots!
A wall of Muddy Trowel plants

Transform your outdoors with curated plant kits

Potted plant kits
Curated collections of plants for pots. Choose from foliage, flowers and even herbs to adorn your outdoor space.
Window box plant kits
Decorate your windowsills or balcony rails with our beautiful range of four and five plant planters.
Hanging basket kits
Specially designed with upright and trailing plants, these kits bring wow-factor even in places with limited floor space.
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  • Sustainably sourced
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Serving London and the South East

Our plant kits explained

1. Choose plants

Our kits contain high-quality plants that have been carefully selected to deliver instant impact and will come back year after year.

2. Pick a pot

We have a variety of pots that come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit your space and style.

3. Plant it up

Either choose to plant your kit yourself with our handy step-by-step planting instructions, or we can plant it up for you!

Everything you need, delivered to your door.

Leading on sustainability

  1. Focused on perennials

  2. Minimal packaging

  3. Working with UK nurseries

  4. Peat-free compost

  5. Eco-pots

  6. Sustainable fertiliser