U-shaped cordon plum tree


Elevate your garden with the beauty and productivity of an u-shaped cordon plum tree. The U-cordon is one of the simplest trained fruit tree forms to look after, yet it makes a dramatic and productive addition to the garden with its artistic, flat design against walls or trellises, this fruit tree is ideal for limited spaces. Indulge in luscious, homegrown plums while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor oasis.

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What's included

  • An u-shaped cordon plum tree – planted in your chosen pot (if added)
  • Care guide
Current height (inc. pot):
Current width:
Light needs:
Full sun
Frost sensitive?
Pollinator friendly?
Yes, fruits are edible
Child safe?
🟢 - not harmful
Pet safe?
🟠 - eating the seeds and leaves of this plant can cause respiratory issues, and the stone inside the fruit is also a choking hazard

Seasons of interest

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