The Green – Window box

Included with your plant kit:
  • In bloom plants In bloom plants
  • Pot or window box Pot or window box
  • Compost & drainage Compost & drainage
  • Guide & instructions Guide & instructions

Enhance. Bring a stylish glow to your shady window sill, full of textured leafage and graceful curves. No sun? No stress.

  • 50cm high by 55cm wide – incl. plants and container
  • Suitable for low-sun balconies and window sills – and low maintenance
  • Contains 4 plants: Dryopteris Affinis ‘Pinderi’, Hosta ‘Emily Dickinson’ x2, Dryopteris Erythrosora
  • Hanging frame and brackets included – perfect for window sills or balcony rails

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About the product

If your outdoor space is cast in shadow, then this is the guy for you. At Muddy Trowel everyone is welcome and these foliage-focused selections will beautifully brighten your darkest recesses.

Colours: Green, Purple, Blue, Red, White, Pink
Light: Partial shade, Shade
Hardiness: Hardy
Expert level: Easy
Plant type: Perennials, Ferns
Season: Year round
Edible: No
Scented: No
Toxic to humans: Hedera Helix 'White Wonder' if ingested and can cause skin irritation
Pollinator friendly: Yes
  1. Eco-friendly sourcing Eco- friendly sourcing
  2. Peat-free compost Peat- free compost
  3. Long lasting plants Long lasting plants
  4. Trowel Independent British nurseries

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