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The Green – Large


Illuminate. Light up outdoor shady areas with this statement centrepiece filled with spectacular foliage and calming hues. Measuring 1 metre high by 50cm wide (plants and container), these shade tolerant, easy maintenance and hardy perennials are the perfect pick-me-up for any troublesome shady spots. The planting kit includes 7 beautifully big, bushy and contrasting plants: Hosta Fortunei Aureomarginata, Polystichum Rigens, Dryopteris Erythrosora, Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’, Hedera Helix ‘White Wonder’.

Included with your plant kit
  • In bloom plants
  • Pot or window box
  • Compost & drainage
  • Guide & instructions

Meet The Green – Large

The Green - Large
(left to right) The Green window box, large pot & small pot

If your outdoor space is cast in shadow, then this is the guy for you. At Muddy Trowel everyone is welcome and these foliage-focused selections will beautifully brighten your darkest recesses.

Quick facts

  • Colours: Green, Purple, Blue, Red, White, Pink
  • Light: Partial shade, Shade
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Expert level: Easy
  • Plant type: Perennials, Ferns
  • Season: Year round
  • Edible: No
  • Scented: No
  • Toxic to humans: Hedera Helix 'White Wonder' if ingested and can cause skin irritation
  • Pollinator friendly: Yes

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