The Early Pollinator – Window box


Beautifully whimsical – featuring a striking scabious plant, charming blue violas, and elegant white saxifrage plants this window box reminds us of a beautifully sunny summer’s day, bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering, and smiles all round.

This collection’s flowers are good for pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, and will be in bloom earlier than most pollinator friendly plants to help out any pollinators who are around earlier than usual. Green spaces in our towns and cities have been disappearing so even if you’ve got a small outdoor space, having a few pollinator friendly plants will provide food, whilst also helping your space look bright and colourful.

Included for free when you add a pot

  • Gravel for drainage Gravel for drainage
  • Compost & drainage Peat-free compost

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About the product

What's included

  • Contains 5 plants: scabious ‘Butterfly Blue’, 2x alyssum (replaces saxifrage pictured), 2x viola (purple)
  • Planting and care guides
  • (If pot is added) Includes enough compost and gravel (for drainage) to plant up
  • Hanging frame can be included with elho hanging boxes – perfect for window sills or balcony rails
  • The hanging frame is 53cm wide in total, with 36cm between the two hanging points
Current height (inc. pot):
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Light needs:
Full sun, partial shade
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