Phormium (yellow)


This will spike your interest – a statement structural plant which could be the focal point for your outside space.

This plant is able to cope very well during hot summers. With climate change and extreme weather, such as drought, increasingly likely, this plant will not only survive but thrive in hot, dry conditions.

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About the product

This plant is the star of the show – standing proud and strong, the huge coloured leaves will retain their colour year round and in summer will produce tall stems of stunning red-brown flowers.

What's included

  • A yellow phormium plant – planted in your chosen pot (if added)
  • Planting and care guides
Current height (inc. pot)
Current width
Light needs
Full sun, partial shade
Frost sensitive?
Yes, fronds can get damaged in cold weather
Pollinator friendly?
Child safe?
🟢 - just be wary of spiky leaves
Pet safe?
🟠 - the leaves are bitter which should deter pets eating them, but if eaten the leaves can cause an upset stomach

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