MiracleGro Peat Free Ericaceous Compost – 40L


40 litres of plant goodness – enough to fill 2.5 large or 6 medium pots.

MiracleGro Peat Free Premium Ericaceous Compost contains a unique formulation to ensure your azeleas, rhododendrons and camelias are fed for 3 months. It provides the optimum structure for roots to grow strong and preventing them from drying out. Instead of peat, they use forest by-products, carefully processed into wood fibre to provide similar nutrition, but a safer planet.

  • Perfect for ericaceous plants — like azeleas, rhododendrons and camelias
  • Peat-free — keeping it in the ground
  • Professional-grade — that’s you dear customer
  • Multi-purpose — useful for just about anything

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