Instant garden kit

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Transform your empty space into a vibrant oasis effortlessly with our instant garden kit! This all-in-one solution allows you to purchase a pre-planted window box, medium collection and large collection of stunning plants, providing instant satisfaction for your gardening dreams.

Say goodbye to the hassle of selecting individual plants and waiting for them to grow. Our expertly curated collections come in contemporary black window boxes or pots, ensuring that your new garden not only thrives but looks stylish too.

Revamp your space with minimal effort and maximum impact. Buy our instant garden kit today and experience the joy of a flourishing garden right at your fingertips!

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30 day money back guarantee for plants

About the product

Are you dealing with a shaded area that craves life and vibrancy? Opt for our shade collections, filled with plants that thrive in low-light conditions.

Perhaps you have a sunny spot yearning for some sunshine-loving blooms; our sun collections will brighten up any space.

Are you looking to create a pollinator-friendly haven in your outdoor space? Opt for our pollinator collections, specifically designed to attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects.

For those with a culinary passion, our herb collections are a delectable choice, offering an array of aromatic herbs ready to enhance your culinary creations.

What's included

  • Carefully curated selection of plants to suit your gardening needs and aspirations
  • Planted up in a contemporary recycled plastic black pot or hanging trough (frame can be removed to sit on a windowsill)
  • Gravel is added to pots for drainage (window boxes have built in water collection tray) and plants are planted in peat-free compost
Window box dimensions (excluding plants):
55cm x 34cm x 23cm
Medium pot dimensions (excluding plants):
30cm x 25cm
Large pot dimensions (excluding plants):
47cm x 40cm
Are the plants frost sensitive?
  1. Eco-friendly sourcing Eco- friendly sourcing
  2. Peat-free compost Peat- free compost
  3. Long lasting plants Long lasting plants
  4. Trowel Independent British nurseries