Indoor plant bundle – 3 plants


At Muddy Trowel this bundle is affectionately known as the “Luscious Leaves Bundle”. A harmonious trio of large-leaved structural beauties that will transform your inside space into a lush oasis. Each plant in this ensemble contributes its unique charm and character to create an eye-catching display of foliage.

The Swiss cheese plant, with its iconic perforated leaves, adds drama and sophistication, while the stately dracaena ‘Burley’ brings a touch of vertical elegance and air-purifying prowess. Completing the trio, the dieffenbachia ‘Camille’ contributes lush, variegated foliage that adds a lively, tropical vibe. Together, they embody the perfect blend of greenery for a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.


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About the product

What's included

  • Swiss cheese plant, dracaena ‘Burley’ and dieffenbachia ‘Camille’ in nursery pots
  • If decorative pot is purchased, the plant arrives in its nursery pot placed inside the decorative pot
  • Care guide
Current height (inc. pot):
Light needs:
Bright but indirect sunlight
Watering needs:
These plants like to dry out between waterings. Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry
Child safe?
🟠 - if eaten can cause irritation of the mouth and stomach upset
Pet safe?
🟠 - if eaten can cause irritation of the mouth and stomach upset

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