Imperfect Sonata Slate Grey Recycled Rubber Square Pot – Small (26cm)


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About the product

This pot is made from recycled rubber which is ideal for planters because it is extremely durable and suitable for all seasons (it won’t fade, stain or crack in freezing conditions). We love these at Muddy Trowel because they’re eco-friendly – recycling rubber from tyres of cars and other vehicles that would have previously been destined for landfill.

This planter can be used as both an outdoor and indoor pot – it has a removable drainage plug in the bottom which can be left in place when using indoors to stop leakage, or taken out if using outdoors so your plants don’t get waterlogged.

  1. Eco-friendly sourcing Eco- friendly sourcing
  2. Peat-free compost Peat- free compost
  3. Long lasting plants Long lasting plants
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