French lavender


Give your local bees a taste of Provence – an aromatic, vigorous variety of french lavender producing a mass of pale purple flowers all summer long.

This plant is able to cope very well during hot summers and has flowers which are good for pollinators. With climate change causing extreme weather, such as drought, rest assured this plant will thrive in hot, dry conditions, and will provide pollinators with much needed food during hot spells.

Please note, this plant is not currently in flower. Flowers will begin to bloom from June.

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About the product

Lavender is one of the most popular small garden shrubs and it’s easy to understand why – beautiful coloured foliage and flowers, a heady summer scent, and really attractive to bees and butterflies.

What's included

  • A French lavender ‘Willow Vale’ (3L) plant – planted in your chosen pot (if added)
  • Care guide
Current height (inc. pot):
Current width:
Light needs:
Full sun
Frost sensitive?
None reported for humans, toxic to pets
Pollinator friendly?

Seasons of interest

  1. Jun
  2. Jul
  3. Aug
  4. Sep
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