Dracaena ‘Burley’


With its green and yellow striped leaves and upright structure, this plant can be a structural beauty in any room. Like some of our other houseplants it is also known for its ability to filter toxins from indoor air.

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  • Dracaena fragrans ‘Burley’ in nursery pot
  • If decorative pot is purchased, the plant arrives in its nursery pot placed inside the decorative pot
  • Care guide
Current height (inc. pot):
Current width:
Light needs:
Bright but indirect light
Watering needs:
Water regularly, during the growing season. In winter, reduce watering. Allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry slightly between waterings
Child safe?
🟠 - if eaten can cause an upset stomach
Pet safe?
🟠 - if eaten can cause an upset stomach

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