Canary island date palm 0.9m


One of these palm trees can add a year-round tropical touch to your outdoor space. Evergreen, low-maintenance, and frost-resistant down to -5C, this palm is perfect in a pot.

  • 90cm high by 60cm wide – incl. plants and container
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces – porches, patios and balconies
  • A little bit spiky, so handle with care / gloves
  • Every order keeps the planet in mind eco-pots, peat-free compost, long-lasting plants and working with UK nurseries
  • Contains a fully planted Canary island date palm (Phoenix canariensis), pot, compost and drainage

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Meet Canary island date palm 0.9m

  • Colours: Green
  • Light: Full sun; Partial shade
  • Hardiness: Frost-sensitive (bring inside or protect for temperatures lower than -5C)
  • Plant type: Evergreen palm
  • Edible: No
  • Scented: No
  • Toxicity: None reported for humans and pets
  • Bee friendly: No
Canary island date palm 0.9m