Bold bulb lasagne


Discover the secret to a stunning and layered spring garden with our bulb lasagne kits. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips bloom consecutively for weeks from early to late spring and bring colour and life to your space before other plants start to bloom. Plant these bulbs in the autumn, and watch your garden come to life in spring with a captivating symphony of colours and shapes.

Check out our tips on how to plant a bulb lasagne below, or we can plant it up for you and all you’ll have to do is wait and watch!

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About the product

Creating a bulb lasagne is not only visually stunning but also a smart gardening technique. Plant these bulbs in layers, with crocuses at the top, daffodils in the middle, and tulips at the bottom. As each type of bulb blooms at its own time, you’ll enjoy a prolonged display of breathtaking colours, ensuring your garden remains a vibrant spectacle throughout the spring season.

How to plant your bulb lasagne:

  • Bottom layer (deepest): Plant tulips at a depth of 8-10 inches
  • Middle layer: Plant daffodils at a depth of 4-6 inches
  • Top layer (shallowest): Plant crocuses at a depth of 2-3 inches
  • Make sure the bulbs in each layer aren’t touching each other.

Or, to take the guesswork out of layering bulbs, we can plant the bulb lasagne for you. All you’ll have to do is wait for the bulbs to bloom in early spring, making it a perfect choice for novice gardeners.

What's included

  • 33 spring bulbs
    • 15x crocus
    • 10x daffodil ‘Double Tête-à-tête’
    • 8x fosteriana tulip
Light needs
Full sun, partial shade
Frost resistant?
Pollinator friendly?
Yes, all bulbs can cause stomach upset if eaten

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  4. Apr
  5. May
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