Evergreen plants



Absolutely! There are a range of evergreen plants that have different coloured foliage. Heuchera ‘Obsidian’, Elephant’s ears, and Cordyline all have deep red/bronze coloured foliage which stands out in a garden of green. For something completely different, try Blue fescue grasses which has silvery blue foliage and looks amazing over the frosty winter months.

A lot of evergreen plants have flowers, although the plants won’t be in flower all year round. Camellias have beautiful glossy green leaves all year round and in spring produce large colourful flowers. Our favourites are yellow camellias, Camellia ‘Roger Hall’ (red), and Camellia ‘Elegans’ (pink). And Californian lilac, or ceanothus, is covered in clusters of powder blue flowers in spring.