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Hellebores flower early in the year as a joyous winter uplift. They bring colour and hope to the garden when most other plants are still sleeping. Better yet, they are incredibly low maintenance. Here are a few tips on hellebore care to keep them in the best shape for years to come.

Cut back leaves once flowers start to appear

In winter or early spring, when the new buds and flowers start to emerge from the ground, snip off the old leaves from last year down to the base of the stalk.

Although it may seem drastic, this will enable you to see the flowers better in all their glory. It also reduces the risk of the hellebore developing black spots on its leaves and keeps it healthy for the rest of the year.

Allow to self-seed

Once the flowering is done, the hellebore will form seeds which will scatter around the plant. These seeds can germinate into new hellebore plants, which can take a number of years, but is a great way of getting more out of your original plant. Just don’t expect the new plants to look like the old ones – hellebores can throw a few surprises.

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