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Delivering Random Acts of Kindness

One of the cornerstones of the Muddy Trowel brand is to deliver joy, whether that is via the beautiful plants we deliver to the door, the carefully curated choice of long lasting blooms and colours, or our customer service.  After a long tough winter we decided it was time to spread some joy so we embarked upon Random Acts of Kindness, spreading some free plant joy. Last week we asked our community and beyond to nominate those who needed some plant joy in their lives; those who had gone above and beyond in the pandemic or just simply just deserved or needed some joy. Muddy Trowel then set about delivering individual plants to the chosen nominations (based on locations and rationales – we wanted a wide range of people and places!), with a gift note of why they had been nominated. An amazing range of nominations were received for both individuals and businesses; from asymptomatic COVID-19 testing centre volunteers, to people helping their local gardening community, and we wanted to share some of those stories with you (permission was granted from the nominators): 

“They are a paramedic and have been working like mad through COVID-19!”

“[They] gives their time at the local school to help keep the children involved in gardening. [They] deserve to have a free gift.”

“Despite only knowing each other for a week or so, a little over a year ago [nominee] and I got locked in a house together… as brand new flatmates during a global lockdown. This month marks the one year anniversary of living together, and also the month I’m moving out to a new country, so I thought a plant surprise would be a great way to say thanks, I’ll miss you, please come visit – all rolled into one.”

“The staff here have worked so hard, and… the pharmacist has really rocked it, supporting the local community, from day one of this pandemic, with deliveries, working their socks off to get vital stock in and being all-round helpful. They deserve something nice to furnish the staff area”

“[Nominee] is a children’s mental health practitioner who supports vulnerable kids all day long… they have had to postpone their wedding and could really use a little joy.”

“A small local business rapidly set up a  same day delivery service at the height of rocketing COVID-19 cases with wonderful quality fresh local food. They added a weekly Supper Club – a 3 course meal delivered to your door- with an imaginative interesting menu. They have been truly fantastic”

Muddy Trowel was proud to drop 30 plants over the last week, to nominees like these, and we also left some plants in public spaces such as parks, benches or bus stops for some unsuspecting people to pick up some free plant joy. We really loved being Joy Deliverers. As a team we have been working remotely since we were founded almost a year ago – so getting these Random Acts of Kindness delivered, required all of our team (no matter what specialism) to pull together in their own local areas and beyond to make sure we delivered maximum amounts of joy. So, thank you to our team, but also thanks for all the support over the last few weeks from our community from nominators to nominees – we have been overwhelmed by the kindness and extraordinary things people are doing.

If you are new to our Muddy Trowel family – welcome! If you want to follow the journey of how we got on with Random Acts of Kindness, we would recommend having a look at our Instagram: muddy_trowel. You can follow our journey and the highlights there!