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Everything you need to create a beautiful outdoor plant pot or window box, delivered to your door

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Our experts research 200+ plant varieties monthly to craft low-maintenance collections that look stunning all season.

All you need,

Plants, pot, compost, guides. No more garden centre queues and hefty bags of compost.

Plant up
in 10 minutes

Get your hands (a little) dirty and admire the display. No green fingers required.

Enjoy year
after year

Impress your guests, neighbours and local bees. We’ll send tailored tips, so your plants live (almost) forever.

Everything you need delivered straight to your door

Leading on sustainability

Leading on sustainability

  • Focused on perennials
  • Minimal packaging
  • Working with UK nurseries
  • Peat-free compost
  • Eco-pots
  • Sustainable fertiliser

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